Fair trade and sustainable development

BAO BAB soap has the particularity of being a purely African product. Its manufacture mainly uses products purchased directly from local farmers in the DRC but also in certain neighboring African countries.

In terms of sustainable development, BAO BAB has made it its mission to follow the concept of eco-village. It is a set of habitats on a human scale where the priority is to place people and the environment at the center of all interests.

For example, BAO BAB encourages local farmers and artisans to sell their sesame seeds directly to it; or better yet, to provide him with oils that the villagers have produced themselves. There is no question of buying these raw materials in town. BAO BAB is committed to practicing fair trade by avoiding commercial intermediaries.

Always with a view to sustainable development, BAO BAB invests voluntarily in training villagers to make their own basic soaps with their own palm oil. This will allow them to be autonomous in terms of hygiene without having to incur expenses for the purchase of industrial soaps.

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